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Are you ready for Build to Rent?

Current trends show the long term decline in homeownership from 71% in 2008 to its current level of 61%. Private rental is increasingly becoming the tenure of choice. In London its predicted that by 2025 there will be more people renting in the capital than those in homeownership. This means that supply must adapt to meet the demand - with high quality range of properties to rent, longer tenancies and more service led management strategies.

Demand for rental properties in the UK is expected to grow by 1.1million households. Some of the UK's largest financial institutions are investing billions of pounds in housing for rent.

Is your organisation ready?

Do you have:
  • a well considered Build to Rent strategy
  • a robust appraisal model
  • the right operating platform
  • the targeted branding and marketing strategy
  • the right toolkit in place for delivery of commercial, customer focused service
  • systems geared for institutional investment

Let Red Loft help you to achieve your Build to Rent goals.

Our experienced team has extensive knowledge in Build to Rent, and can offer support and professional services in all of the above and more.

The Build to Rent team

Danny Sutcliffe
Danny Sutcliffe
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  Danny Sutcliffe
Neil Jervis
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Danny Sutcliffe
Feargal Ward
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  Danny Sutcliffe
Wendy Hegarty
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